How to Setup a Strong Password for Gmail ?

The development of technology has resulted in a lot of benefits to the common people. At the same time, it has its own drawbacks as well. The security threats faced by the people on their online accounts is one of the major issues that is discussed the most now. Let us check the case of a Gmail account .  Starting from a simple social networking account to the all-important bank accounts everything requires an associated email id with it. Most people select Gmail as their preferred email because of it’s easy to use and maintain features. An unauthorized access to this email by an intruder may cause serious issues to the account holder including loss of money. The only option to overcome this issue is to make your Gmail accounts safer by setting a strong password. So, here are some easy tips to be followed to make your Gmail safe.

gmail strong password

While setting a password for your Gmail, always try a combination of alphabets and numbers. The password will become more secure if you can include both the upper and lower-case letters in addition with some special characters. These types of passwords are set as mandatory by most banking sites and this can provide a strong password for Gmail also. It is always a good practice to set a separate password for your Gmail rather than keeping the same password that is used for your other accounts. The eliminates the issues arising when you share a password of any one of your account to a second person in case of an emergency and he will get access to all your accounts.

Most people are seen to be setting the Gmail passwords using their personal information like name, date of birth etc. This is something that can be easily guessed by others. So never set a password using this information. Some people are found to be writing their passwords in diaries or any other notes so that they can check them in case if required. But this is a very dangerous situation as the note going to the hands of another person will give him access to your Gmail account and others. So, try to keep such diaries in a locker where it will not be accessed by others.

It is also found that people try to keep the password remembered on their web browsers. Never do this until you are sure that the device and the browser will not be accessed by anyone else. Take special care especially when you are using public computers. All the latest web browsers are coming with the password remember option enabled in them. So, whenever you enter a password, it will ask whether you want to save it for future use or not.  Avoid using this feature unless you really need it. Whatever password you set for your Gmail accounts there will be situations when you forget them due to some reason. It is a properly set backup email address or mobile number that can be handy for you in such situations. So, make sure that they are properly updated and it is a good idea to check them at regular intervals.

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