Best Social Networking Sites 2017

Social networking sites are considered as one of the most effective ways to spend the leisure times by many people. At the same time, they also provide other benefits like the promotion of business and business products. It all depends on the user that how he wants to use these sites. However, it is almost impossible to find a person who does not use the social networking sites for any of their requirements. But are they using the right sites that can help them in their requirements? No, most of them are joining social networking websites that are used by the maximum number of people and not as per the availability of features. To help those readers in this situation, we are here providing the list of the best social networking sites for 2017 that falls under various categories.

social networking sites

  1. Facebook

Is it possible for you to think of a day without using the social networking giant Facebook? For most people, this is unimaginable as they spent more than half of their day by using this application. Since the time it was founded in 2004, the Facebook stays in the top of the list of best social networking sites. People who like to connect with their friends and relatives Worldwide selects the Facebook as their first choice. Compared to the number of people using other social networking sites, Facebook is far ahead of them and there is little chance that any of them can reach near it in the immediate future also.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has very good similarities with Facebook in the way people get addicted to it. The easy file sharing options are one of the major attraction of this social networking media. Support for all the different media types like videos, images, music, pdf files etc. makes them an alternative for even the email accounts. The easy to use interface and regular feature updates provide the users with an option to enjoy the best social networking option for free.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is yet another social networking option with a large number of customer base. Displaying a total of more than 320 Million active users per month, they are in the effort to make every user satisfied for their requirements. Twitter provides the option for you to follow all the World-famous personalities who have accounts there on Twitter. Thus, you can easily get to know the most important information and updates about him/her without searching it anywhere else.

  1. YouTube

Unlike the above 3 options, YouTube is completely a video-based social networking media which is found to be having one of the largest databases of videos that fall into different categories. Founded in early 2005, YouTube is now serving its users with all the latest movies, songs, documentaries etc. Knowing the exact ability of this social networking site to support the end users, Google has bought it on 2006. Since that time, YouTube is considered as one of the best services provided by Google.

  1. LinkedIn

Users who are looking for the best social networking site for professional networking can opt for LinkedIn. Job seekers will get an option here to connect directly with the recruiters without the involvement of any third parties. This can be beneficial for both the employer and the job seeker as well. So, basically, LinkedIn can be considered as a social networking option for people with intention of a professional growth rather than entertainment.

These are just some of the most popular social networking sites in 2017. You can find a lot of others like Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest etc. that can be tried for your various requirements.

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