A Detailed Review of Gmail Android App

When will you call an app a perfect one? For me, it is when the app works as per my expectation and meets the exact requirement for which it was downloaded. In this case, I would love to call the Gmail app the best app that I ever had on my Android phone. Being the most popular email service with the largest number of users Worldwide, Gmail has some of the best-inbuilt features available in the browser version. Google has tried to create a very good replica of this in the Android devices through the Gmail Android App. Starting from the most user-friendly interface and attractive looks, the Gmail app for Android smartphones is a well-packed application that everyone should try. Being a free app available in the Google Play Store, not much effort is required for the download and installation of the Gmail for Android.

gmail app

Whatever services coming from the Internet Google has the guarantee of providing the maximum satisfaction to the users. Gmail also falls into the same category with the inclusion of some of the most useful features that are expected from an email application. Apart from the basic purpose of providing the option to send and receive emails, the Gmail app has some other useful features also. The search option available in the Gmail Android App requires some special mentioning because of its ability to allow the users to search the required emails using various criteria. If you want to check all the unread emails available in the inbox, type unread in the search bar and press enter. The Gmail app will display you all unread emails. Similarly, you can search for emails received after a particular date, from a particular sender, contains a certain word etc.

The latest Gmail Android app provides the users with the option to select multiple emails. This option helps for easy selection and deletion of the unwanted emails that comes frequently to their email ids. The Gmail App for Android is not limited to the users who hold a Gmail ID. Users can even configure the email services from non-Gmail accounts also in this app. This is a very good feature that eliminates the requirement of any other email application to configure the email from other email services. The app also has the option to add multiple email ids in a single app. So, you can configure and use your email from Gmail and from other email services at the same time in this app.

You can share an email that came to your Gmail with other applications like WhatsApp. It is the share option that is available after opening an email from your inbox that helps in this task. This is a very helpful feature in handling multiple applications for data sharing. The Gmail app is also found to be the email application that is less affected with spam. Google has taken special care in this section and prevents maximum spam emails from reaching your inbox. This resulted in a secure use of email services with a lesser chance of spam attack.

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