5 Popular Email Services

Email services have become very much popular now and it is very hard to find a person without an email id even from the middle class. This shows how effectively the emails are supporting the day to day activities of the people. To help the users in their requirement a lot of email service providers has come up with well-featured email accounts. However, only a few of them are able to deliver as per the user expectations. Here we are providing the list of the best email services from which you can select the one that meets your maximum requirements. The most important thing about them is that you can enjoy all these email services for free. So, you can save the money that might be spent for enjoying a good email service. So, let us start with our list of the 5 popular email services.

email providers

Gmail: –

This is the most popular and widely used email service by people around the globe. It is the amazing features included in this app that resulted in its success. Moreover, it has the best user interface which can be easily handled by people from different sectors of the society. They have also released the Gmail application for the Android devices which can be used in your Android smartphones and tablets. A similar version for the iPhones and iPads is also available from the iTunes Store. Being delivered under the brand name of the internet giant Google, this email services do not require any special description to show their efficiency.

Yahoo! Mail: –

The Yahoo! Mail is famous for providing unlimited email storage facility to its users. Like the Gmail, this one also has separate versions available for use in web browsers and on smartphones. Support of maximum file size up to 100 Mb in a single email makes the Yahoo! Mail the best option for sending heavy size files. The ability of the Yahoo! Mail to display the video and photos directly in the Inbox makes it a special email service.

ZOHO Mail: –

The ZOHO Mail can be considered as a good option even for official purpose. This is because it includes the most useful “out of office” feature. Using this feature, you can intimate the people about your absence whenever they send an email to you and you are not able to access your emails. Instant Messaging, POP and IMAP access etc. can make the ZOHO Mail a good choice for you.

GMX: –

I am sure that you will be wondering what the GMX is doing in this list of best email services. The reason is that this app is not so commonly used by the people. It is the ignorance of the people about the features of this app that resulted in the less usage of it. You can send an email with a size of maximum up to 50 Mb using this GMX email. The excellent filtering technique that they use to filter spam makes it one of the most secure email service.

Protonmail: –

It is the encryption feature of the Protonmail that made the entry of this email service to our list possible. They are available with both the web and app interfaces and can be used as a good option to fulfill your email service requirements. The option to set an expiry time for the emails is another good feature of the Protonmail. The only drawback of this email service is that it does not support IMAP or POP access.

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