Sign Up & Login Gmail Account and Get Access to All Google Services

Nowadays email accounts have become popular among people around the World more than ever before. There are multiple reasons behind this and digitalization is the most important one among them. Of the various email services that are available in the market now, Gmail is found to be the most commonly used one by the majority of users.

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Being there for quite a long time with the best features, they conquered the hearts of the users. For a user who thinks about creating a new email id, it is the Gmail Account that comes into their mind first. The simple method for account creation and the easy to use interface makes it the favorite for the users. Here, in our effort to support the users with all details of Gmail account login, we will go through various options available in Gmail that makes it the best selection for your email requirements.

Before going to the details of Gmail, including the creation of new Gmail accounts, users must be aware of some ethics that need to be followed while using these accounts. For easy account creation, Gmail has provided the users with the option to create accounts by providing only some basic information. It is easy for an intruder to make use of this loophole and create multiple ids for him. A lot of vulnerabilities seen in the Internet websites are spread by people who are using fake ids with incorrect personal information. This is a very critical issue that needs to be avoided under any circumstances. Always try to create Gmail accounts with genuine information and keep the World of Internet safe and secure. The Gmail Google option is designed to serve the people with the most useful email services and we should also use it in that way only.

All of you must be aware of some of the most common services that come under the tag of the Internet giant Google. YouTube, Google Play Store for Android devices, Google Plus social networking site etc. are some of the most popular among them. People who are searching on the Internet for “Gmail Create Account” has the intention to get access to all these services for free. Unlike most of the other email services that provide only email option, Gmail comes handy in this situation. A simple Gmail login provides you with access to the largest video search engine YouTube. It can also help you fulfill your social networking requirements in the form of Google Plus. This email id created under the Gmail service can even be used to create accounts in other social networking sites like Facebook also.

Why Gmail Account ?

This is a very common question raised by people who are less familiar with the best webmail, i.e. the Gmail from Google. Compared to the other email accounts which require a lot of effort to set up in the proper way, the Gmail is very easy to start even for the first-time users. The interface of this email is very simple and easy to understand. Users can easily browse through the multiple options available in the Gmail home page and other pages and select the ones that they want to check with ease. This eliminates the requirement of support from anyone to use the best email service by users who are fresh in the Internet activities. The result is the increased number of satisfied Gmail users Worldwide, especially in the category of common people.

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For a lot of people who are new to the internet usage, the Internet is even known to them by the name Google. It is the wide range of services that the Google provide the users makes it eligible to reach such a position. Coming as the email client developed and released by Google, people had a lot of expectation from Gmail. It is found to be meeting these user’s expectations in all the aspects. This is one of the major reason behind people selecting Gmail by Google as their primary email option for all their major requirements. A huge increase in the number of users who are creating the Gmail login account is found every year. This is a result of the high-quality service that the users are receiving from them.

How to Create a Gmail Account?

Creating a Gmail Account is one of the easiest tasks that you can ever do in your life. Google has made this process so simple that even children with basic knowledge of internet can set up this without anybody’s support. Here are the simple steps that can be tried by users who are looking for Gmail create account option. Users can either use a personal computer or a smartphone to perform this Gmail sign up process.

  • Open a web browser on your personal computers or smartphones.
  • In the search tab type “Gmail create an account” and press enter.
  • From the search result open the Gmail Homepage where you can find the option to create new Gmail account.
  • Now you will be asked to enter some of the basic personal information including your name, date of birth, gender, location etc. Option to enter your required username and password for Gmail login is also provided at this stage.
  • You will also be asked to enter your telephone number and a secondary email address. However, this is not a mandatory field and you can skip this if you don’t want to share it.
  • A successful entry of all the above details will provide you with access to the next page which provides you the option to take a tour of the Gmail Account details.
  • Moving forward you will get access to the Gmail inbox where all the messages that you receive will be stored.

how to create gmail account

You are now successfully done with the steps to create Gmail new account and has your Gmail login id and password available with you. An important thing to remember at this stage is to do the Gmail sign out once you are done with the usage of the account. Otherwise, chances are high that somebody else will get access to your account, which can result in a lot of unexpected results. From the next time, onwards you can simply do the Gmail sign in with the help of these login credentials.

How to Change Password of Gmail Account?

If you want to prevent unauthorized sign into Gmail account, a very strong password is necessary that can protect your account from such issues. Always try to setup Gmail password that is not easy for others to guess.  The inclusion of alphanumeric characters and combination of upper and lower case are all good for a perfect password. But, whatever password you set to protect your Gmail account from intruders, there are situations when you will be required to change the password of this account. The Gmail change password feature allows the users to do this in quite an easy way. Users who like to change password of Gmail account can follow the below steps to get this done. This process to change Gmail password can be followed by only those users who already have access to their accounts.  

This is not the only way for Gmail password change. Android devices also allow changing of the Gmail passwords through the Settings option available in those devices. Users can also change Gmail id password through the My Account Website of Google. But being the easiest way for this, the majority of users follow the below process to change their existing passwords of Gmail Accounts. The Gmail how to change password process starts with the user login to Gmail accounts with their Gmail id and existing password. The first page that opens after the successful login is the Gmail inbox. On the top right corner of this page, you can see a gear icon. Clicking on this icon will display multiple options among which users should go to the “Settings”. Now the page view will be changed and the Gmail Settings page will open.

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Then go to the Accounts and Import tab available on this page. There you can see the Change Password option and clicking on it will ask you to enter the current password. A successful entry of this password allows you to enter the new password that you want to set for your account. You should also confirm the password by typing it again. After that, you can click on the Change Password button. Now your account is secured with the newly set up password and you can log in with this password from the next time onwards. One thing that users should remember while changing the password is that Gmail will not allow them to set a password that is same as that of their last 3 passwords. Those who forget their password can go to the next section where we will discuss options to reset forgotten Gmail passwords.

How to Reset Forgotten Gmail Password ?

Each of the users nowadays holds different types of online accounts and were forced to remember the login credentials of all of them.  These accounts include the ones on social networking sites, email accounts, accounts on banking sites etc. Even if the user tries to set up the same password for all these accounts, it seems impossible sometimes. This is because some accounts especially that of the banking sites will ask the users to change the password in every 60 days. As they will not allow the users to set up their old password again, they have no other option than selecting a new password. This will make the users end up in having different passwords for different accounts and finally result in forgetting them. Same issue happens with the Gmail also and a lot of users are seen to be searching steps to reset forgotten Gmail passwords.

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During the creation of Gmail accounts, users are asked to enter their mobile phone number and secondary email addresses. Most of the users do not fill this column thinking that they are not necessary. But the importance of these two things is observed when a user forget Gmail password of their account and looks option to recover the account. The mobile number and secondary email ids are basically the recovery options that allow the users to reset Gmail passwords once they forget it. So, it is a good practice to input these two things during the initial Gmail sign process. If you forget to set up these two communication modes during your first Gmail signup, you can still find an option to add them to your account. For this go to Gmail>My Account>Personal Info and Privacy>Add recovery email & phone number.

So, if you already have a recovery email address or phone number for your Gmail email, open the sign in page in any web browser. There you can find the option to enter your Gmail id and password. As you don’t remember the password, click on the “Forgot Password” option available in this page. This will take you to the next page where you will be asked multiple questions about your account. For example, the web page asks you to enter the last password of the Gmail account that you remember. Even if you enter this correctly, you might be asked to answer some other questions also. This is to make sure that the right person is trying to unlock the account. At any stage, if you are not sure about an answer, you can also opt for the “Try a different question” option.

In this series of questions, you can find ones that will ask you to enter either your Gmail recovery email address or phone number. Once you enter this detail correctly, you will get a verification code on the phone number or password reset link on the email id that you entered. Successfully following the instructions mentioned in those messages can provide you with access to your account. Users who don’t like to use the above two options can select a security question while creating new Gmail account. This can be made use of during Gmail password recovery process in the absence of recovery email id or phone number.

Two Step Authentication

A lot of people associate their Gmail email with their bank accounts, social networking sites and other similar accounts. So, a second person who gets access to your Gmail Inbox can, in turn, get access to all the above-said accounts. This is a very dangerous situation that can really make you pay a lot. So, be sure to safeguard your Gmail account from getting intruded by anyone. The Gmail 2 step authentication is something that can make the Gmail almost impossible to hack. For a Gmail with this feature enabled, the sign in process requires a security code sent to your mobile number along with the login password if you want to get access to your Gmail. So, even if somebody knows your Gmail password they could not be able to login to your Gmail as they also require the security code that comes to your mobile.

How to enable two Step Authentication in Gmail

As the two-step authentication provides increased security to Gmail, people think that it is a good to use feature. If you are also thinking the same, here are the simple steps that help you make your inbox by Gmail completely secure from unauthorized access. For this, sign in to Gmail with your login credentials. Click on the Settings gear that appears on the upper right corner. On the next page that appears on your screen, select the Accounts and Import tab. There you can find the “Other Google Account Settings”. Open this option, followed by the Sign-in & Security menu. Now you can find the 2 Step Authentication for Gmail set up. You can enter your mobile numbers there resulting in getting a verification code on your phones whenever you try to log into your Gmail. You also have the option to remember the devices that you log in regularly.  

Gmail Accounts and Android Devices: –

If you are an Android device user, you must be already aware of the importance of a Gmail account login. Without it, your device is almost useless as you can only make and receive calls from them and most of the other features of the device cannot be used. The initial configuration of those devices itself asks you to enter your Google account details. Even if you have the option to skip this, you will be forced for a Gmail create at least for enjoying the Google Play Store later. This App Store of the Android smartphones will allow download of apps and games only for those users who log in the Store with their Gmail mail. Without those amazing apps and games, your smartphone is not something that is different from the old age mobile phones.

It is very difficult to find a person who is not interested in spending time with the famous Google video search engine YouTube. Almost all the latest smartphones are coming with this app in the form of an inbuilt app.  A Gmail account can help the users to get full access to the wonderful World of YouTube. Users who are logged into YouTube with Gmail get complete access to all the different sections of it. They can then save their favorite videos for future views, subscribe to the YouTube Channels and share videos with their dear ones. Google Maps is another helpful feature in the smartphones. Login Google Map with Gmail provides you with the option to save the locations to where you travel the most. This will, in turn, provide you with alerts on the traffic on your daily routes.

A well configured Gmail on Android smartphone can even help you to track your device in case if it is lost. This feature of Gmail can help you save your hard-earned money from being lost. Apart from this, you can use the Gmail App in your smartphones, which serves the primary purpose of the Gmail email. Gmail create on Android devices can also help you to sign up for a lot of other application or games in your devices. Gmail com option can also allow all your browsing history been synced with your multiple devices configured with the same Gmail address. So, the websites that you bookmarked or added to the favorite list on your smartphones can be checked from your PCs also without doing much effort. It is the Google Chrome browser that comes with the support of the users to make this possible.

Conclusion: –

It is almost impossible for us to think of a day without using an email id now. You can find the requirement of them in almost all the online transactions that you will do. Among the wide range of email accounts available for free signup and usage, the one with the most remarkable features is the Gmail. Once you sign up to Gmail, it can open a new World of entertainment and social networking for you. Coming under the name of the Google, the Internet Giant, Gmail is far ahead of its competitors in the total number of people using it. For a large section of people Worldwide, still, email id means Gmail id only.  It is the popularity of this mail service among the common people that resulted in its success.

Moreover, Android smartphones also play a very important role in the increased number of people trying for the Gmail creator. They made it almost mandatory for the users to create Gmail account if they want to use those devices in the best possible way. The overall experience that it can provide the users is so good that those who once try Gmail, will not look for an alternate option.