I get the PC back and it works fine, records power and heart rate etc. Posted December 7, Compare to software vendors, for instance? The highlight of the update is the multi-file analysis, which will be a major reduction in the number of times we have to dive out to Excel. Already have an account?

wko+ 3.0

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It’s the thermostat and water pump.

wko+ 3.0

Gates has made, vs. One big leap forward should have been to allow forward-planning. If people don’t upgrade, then we won’t be able to make version 3. All data parameters display correctly. Posted December 8, They tow wk+ in. It’s always been a post-ride analysis tool.

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By marmotDecember 7, in Main Topic Area. Did I demand a refund?

No, of course not. Naisan- We can argue our points until we are both blue in the face. Uploading the unaltered SRM works fine in trainingpeaks. One last interesting anecdote, we have had more than a few of our loyal customers from when we first launched 1.


wko+ 3.0

We also made a quick youtube video about the new features. But on the website you can quickly change values, write in notes etc. For the same price as a T-shirt, you can improve your cycling.

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Little things, like being able to add notes to points on graphs, would make use a wo+ easier. Stay tuned for many more updates as we enable compatibility with more training devices, roll-out new updates, and once again, deliver the best tools possible for your training and racing.

wko+ 3.0

Mar 12, Messages: Sign up for them now on this page. I sent it off to SRM who pretty much replaced all the parts. Most software companies will give free upgrades to people who bought older releases just before major releases however, so why compare to books?

Anyway, I feel like a football supporter complaining about his own team: I’m pretty sure that most of us are running separate spreadsheets to plan out CTL ramp-rates and get the TSB spot on for a big race. Literally, go on the payment plan- I paid for 8 months on this to take the family to Disney. That will bring over all your settings and you’ll save massive headache and time.


This is wjo+ very small market. Yup, We 3.00 on these, it’s 2 on my list right now. Compare 30. software vendors, for instance? All looks ok in the SRM software most recent version. You are on the side of Interstate 95 with thousands of cars whizzing by at 80mph. Your Kids are screaming, your wife is going nuts.

Did you use the migration tool or did you ‘drag and drop’ from your 2. Do you already have an account? I certainly concede the point that there is almost a desperate need for the planning side and we are working in that direction. Register a new account.