Books by Adriana Trigiani. She isn’t This is one of those historical fiction romance’s that people either hate or love, depending on what side of historical truth and super detailed description, you happen to fall on. It could make it very difficult for us here. Annabella Sciorra had an elegant voice, and a believable Italian accent. Refresh and try again. See all 9 questions about The Shoemaker’s Wife…. Ciro and Eduardo become strapping young teenagers.

the shoemakers wife by adriana trigiani

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The arduous wait and hope for betterment in the NEW World, the unforeseen tragedies happening to the characters and that very long path to love create a tantalizing tug and longing in the reader. We see sorrowful but necessary departures, the daunting excitement of new beginnings, the need to be daring and inventive and to aim high, and the struggle to bear difficult conditions with patience and hope. Scenes and impressions are so vividly brought to life for the senses.

How about Eduardo and their mother? This is an ok read, but not one I would consider extraordinary in any way. And I loved the nuns. In adriaa mountain village, serious, hardworking Enza lives with her large family; in another, rascal Ciro and his brother Eduardo are orphans at the convent.

The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

This book is enjoyed by the kind of people who write letters to the editor complaining that the news is too depressing, and can’t they print more happy stories?

She isn’t This is one of those historical fiction romance’s that people either hate or love, depending on what side of historical truth and super detailed description, you happen to fall on. Not to say Tribiani do not love Italian food but the book seemed to be consumed pardon the pun with cooking and eating and drinking triiani.


Any one or two of the following could probably be overlooked in an otherwise engaging tale, but by the time you’ve been smacked over the head by one yb twenty or thirty pages, it just gets tedious: Chapter 2 – a red book.

He never has a chance to say good-bye to Enza. Tfigiani fact that a part of this book lands in Minnesota, of course, just makes me happy!

FICTION: “The Shoemaker’s Wife,” by Adriana Trigiani

Apr 02, Amanda rated it it was amazing. As always Adriana writes characters so delightfully detailed and three-dimensional that I feel as though I would know them anywhere. Off to a good start They did not have much money, but her father scraped out showmakers living ferrying people up and down the mountain with his horse and carriage. As Adriana tends to do, this story is inspired by tue true syoemakers, and in this case it is molded from Adriana’s own grandparents who grew up in the Alps, but met in the United States after they emigrated.

This book means to have you spend some real time with Enza and Ciro respectively, rather than rushing through climactic plot points. Their dreams of owning a farm and their own house is ruined.

the shoemakers wife by adriana trigiani

The author spent 20 years on it, and the historical detail is fascinating. What it IS is a beautiful story of love and family devotion and the dream of a better life. Apr 09, Gail Jorgensen rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page.


the shoemakers wife by adriana trigiani

Granted, there are some tender moments and a plethora of sadness in the book, particularly toward the end, and yes, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Ciro learns how to make shoes and succeeds in business.

View all 9 comments. Ciro meets Enza when he is sent to dig a grave for Enza’s young sister who died tragically. The first thing you notice about Adriana Trigiani’s newest novel, The Shoemaker’s Wife, is the stunning cover. I do realize that this was the author’s tale of family and if I did wfie know that fact, I would never have guessed as she herself seemed detached from the story.

Boxing Day has no connection to the sport of boxing! There are no surprises but it makes you happy and you go to sleep at night with no sad sighs or regrets about what this world is coming to. We meet the great Caruso and fall in love with his music, which for him is life itself. Overall, it will make you really hungry, want to take up sewing, and travel to more beautiful places.