But also the Miike Snow Remix! This week, I’ve done that, but that on crack. Moths Wings Protohype Remix Download: Also, his vocal remix of the track is waaaaay better. I also really liked this section because I’m a man of my ‘ Nu-Disco ‘ or funk as some might say. Don’t spam ‘Low effort’ self posts or personal requests that are more suited to the Weekly Discussion Thread may be directed towards there at mod discretion. There was practically no Passion Pit dubstep remixes, besides from the Borgore Remix the remixes below are the only tracks your going to find.

sleepyhead neo tokyo remix

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So here it is for your pleasure. Little Secrets Jack Beats Remix.

Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) – Passion Pit | YesGoodMusic

Not many words can describe it’s awesomeness so just simply and blissfully, Enjoy! Passion Pit’s music is already chill and very relaxing and their vocals are something off their own. Highlights on them all! Want to add to the discussion?


No piracy zone, support the artists. Want to know what some of the best albums are in the genre? I absolutely adore passion pit.

sleepyhead neo tokyo remix

Reposts within the first 6 months will be subject to removal. We apologize for the mess up yesterday and hope you weren’t too irritated with the post getting taken down. Sleepyhead The Kocks Remix.

sleepyhead neo tokyo remix

If you feel your comment was not fully answered or if you were not satisfied with the community’s replies, try the next Discussion Thread. All sleepyhexd tracks have less than 80 views on youtube while some aren’t even on youtube. No asking others to upvote your posts via social media outlets.

Passion Pit — Sleepyhead Borgore Remix. These are your electro remixes of Passion Pit.

sleepyhead neo tokyo remix

Highlights on the Bodega Girls Remix. This week, I’ve done that, but that on crack.

Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) – Passion Pit

To Kingdom Come Artwork Remix. Velvet Starlings release 60s-inspired Christmas original by Chloe Robinson. Other scheduled threads are as follows: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Folds in Your Hands Vanguard Remix. These were distinctively the 3 main ones I saw.


Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) – Roblox

Sleepyhead The Kocks Remix Download: The Reeling Burns Remix Download: Submit a new link. I also really liked this section because I’m a man of my ‘ Nu-Disco ‘ or funk as some might say. Sleepyhead Neo Tokyo Remix. Swindle previews new album with fiery single “Coming Home” by Evan Crandell.

Become slepyhead Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Monthly Releases – please sleepyhezd that these are done fairly inconsistently due to low levels of activity! So next weeks artist, I can promise will not let you down…. The Reeling Flufftronix Remix.