Here were two artists who absolutely transformed their art form. Meanwhile, Hesperion XXI continues to give about concerts annually, often mixing the music of different cultures or including a narrative based on literature or a historical event. Although the liner notes prime us to expect very simple, repetitive tunes, Figueras transforms these ostensibly Read more sleep-inducing songs into high, mind-and-ear-engaging art, embellishing, shaping, and imbuing them with deeply felt expression, sometimes wistful and at others fervent, but always delivered as if in intimate, personal touch with her listener s. With her ethereal voice, Montserrat Figueras sang many styles of ancient music. I met Sleep, And he asked me What I was carrying on my back. A 19th century folk music collector quoted one particular Piedmont mother characterizing the lullaby thus:. The melody is stately and gorgeous.

montserrat figueras ninna nanna

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To understand how this appears to a Namna reader, imagine how English text would look if it was turned on its head to read left-to-write. I met my brother, Sleep And he asked me: The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts! But the beautiful songs and the first-rate presentation compel multiple listenings anyway, and the clear, detailed sound brings it up close but comfortably so, with natural, well-balanced instrumental timbres complementing the voices.

Presentation on the Savall’s own record label is lavish, and the recording itself is beautifully done, subtly atmospheric. It would read like gibberish. Hesperion XX made its first appearances in My little sweet darling.

Ninna Nanna: Lullabies, Monserrat Figueras album review

Sad news arrived this morning from Barcelona: It is a small mixed ensemble of about 12 players and singers and varies somewhat depending on the repertory chosen. The following Sephardic lullaby from pre Spain, but first collected later in Morocco is actually a song about marital infidelity cleverly disguised as a lullaby:. A growling drum introduces a Sephardic berceuse from early 16th century Morocco, and voice and flute curl lasciviously around each other as the mother soothes her child to sleep, with the startling news that she’s locked the door to keep her husband out, as she knows he’s returning from a liaison with another woman.


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montserrat figueras ninna nanna

I answered that I carried Nothing but the moon. I confess I love it, and here there’s an other-worldly, timeless quality to the voice that seems to encapsulate that strange, semi-conscious place before deep sleep where anything is possible in the imagination.

Ninna Nanna: Lullabies, Monserrat Figueras album review – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

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Figueras uses her most sprightly vocal cadence to convey the lively melody of a song whose lyrics are quite mournful:.

montserrat figueras ninna nanna

Dors, Dors, Milhaud. Come lullaby, come lullaby, And warp thee warm. Maria Sitzt Am Rosenhag, Reger. She is no more lovely Nor worthier than I, And the jewels that she wore Are no better than mine. Their imaginative and gorgeously executed recording projects, carefully curated and performed with the utmost scholarship and unsurpassed beauty, were made all the more astonishing by the way music poured forth from them — often at the rate of two or more albums a year.


montserrat figueras ninna nanna

It is like food to the young child lulling him to placid, restoring sleep, transporting him to a dream world of peace, beauty and love’. I first heard Figueras’ recordings in the early s, and I fell hard. Of course, plus minutes of these songs, all focused on one voice–a voice that to my ears has more edge and less warmth and softness than I’d prefer–can be a lot to take in at one sitting. Notes and Editorial Reviews Who doesn’t love a lullaby? Not everyone I know would find Figueras’s unique soprano the ideal starting point for an undisturbed night and the sweetest of dreams – a kind of Catalan Emma Kirkby, but with a middle-eastern folk singer’s ability to stretch pitches, play with tunings and add ornamentation.

It is in this space that the child experiences his first dialogue, his first story, his first contact with the teachings of tradition, experience and culture, which over time build into an essential part of our collective memory. No doubt this criticism may be true. Jerusalem, a city of pilgrimage, This mp3 blog exists to spread the wonder and genius that is traditional music.

Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Mussorgsky’s “With the doll” from his The Nursery and Milhaud’s “Dors, dors” from his Hebrew songs–both accompanied by Badura-Skoda–are wonderful, rarely heard gems.