Shadow rather than Font. Easily customize WordPress themes, live. Media query sets were repeated in dropdown on main UI not standalone preferences page. The advanced targeting options includes a list of potential selectors from the very specific to the very broad. In rare cases Microthemer was not remembering the last frontend page viewed in the preview window. Elementor can now be active inside Microthemer so that MT style edits can be made simultaneously. Site preview could have an extra top margin on screen sizes below px.


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Bugs fixed Under some circumstances, dragging selectors between certain folders was not possible. Nicer when updating multiple selectors.

Bugs fixed Using the selector highlight icon only highlighted the first element, even if the selector targeted multiple elements. Under some circumstances, responsive settings could get lost when importing a design pack to microtheer different WordPress install, or if the media queries were manually edited in between the export and import.


Browser native scroll bars are used for scrolling faster. Default computed colors are show by a bottom border on the new color picker field which is a small square now. So too can the keyboard shortcut: Recent styles are organised alphabetically like the other styles, rather than most recent at the top.


Although double-click can still be used to toggle targeting mode on or off. Animation events were triggered when changing settings not relating to animation. This can still be hidden via the microthemr.

In my mind, Microthemer has the better experience, accomplished the tasks, and the price is quite a bit better than CSS Hero as well. Advanced color picker for sampling colors from your theme and microhhemer custom palettes. The export notification contained unnecessary dev notices which obscured the main notice: In rare cases Microthemer was not remembering the last frontend page viewed in the preview window. Changing the preview URL via the view menu failed under some circumstances.

Microthemer now waits for ms instead of ms for a second click when a user double-clicks something. They do not wrap onto multiple lines if the window is not wide enough for the content. Microthemer will look for the use of curly braces and include any CSS properties it finds in between micrrothemer curly braces. Version 3 will segment the display of property groups e.


Microthemer remembers which tab of the advanced wizard you last used. Folders, selectors, responsive tabs, and property groups can be disabled using an icon. Main menu microthemre quick edit popdowns provide more room for editing folders and selectors up to the full height of the screen.



Preview selectors when hovering over selector names. Use it to customize any WordPress site, no need to pre-configure. These were replaced by the HTML and breadcrumbs in the advanced view in version 5. IE specific stylesheets can be used in draft mode too.

Microthemer Lite

This could be confusing. Rulers shading shows the scope of the current responsive tab. This is typical with page builders like Beaver Builder. The presence of curly braces also caused console warnings.

Microthemer Lite |

Microthemer now warns you in advance if you are approaching your data-sending limits and suggest an easy fix — just hit the SpeedUp button in the right-hand menu. In-program docs so you can learn about CSS, or refresh your memory.

In the near future, they may switch to an annual licensing model with paid upgrades each year. This plugin is the best thing since sliced bread. Bugs fixed Applying more than one: