Here also, findings from practical application and applied research were taken into account. Summary In , for the first time a worldwide ISO standard for colour offset newspaper printing with process colours was approved. Home Imprint Privacy Policy Login. In this way, a revision of ISO came about. There is no change in the specification of screen angles. Already before the standard came into force, there was a major demand for the specifications of the ISO TC Committee that were then applied in a number of standardisation projects at newspapers worldwide. Therefore, it is easy for a newspaper to continuously assess their print quality and improve.

iso 12647-3

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Publishers and printers around the world have come to expect WAN-IFRA to provide the most up-to-date know-how about production processes, whether it be in prepress, printing, workflow or postpress.

iso 12647-3

Reports are available for purchase. We should note that the tolerances specified for Delta E is only informative in the current revision of ISO The axis-points are perceived as neutral by the 126647-3. In the area of screeningthere are slight adjustments following the current technology. It is a unique communication platform between print buyers, ad agencies, prepress designers and printers.

The increase of measurement efforts will lead to a slight price-increase for certification candidates.

In this way, a revision of ISO came about. Meta Navigation Main Navigation Search. If anyone is not happy with the quality of production of a newspaper or with the 1264-3 of a particular newspaper ad, the ISO standard provides reliable assessment criteria to check whether the quality of the print satisfies 126473- technical conditions.


In addition, guidance with respect to the certification of proofing systems related to specific printing condition aims is also included.

ISO 12647-3: 2013, quality standard for newspaper production

Therefore, it is easy for a newspaper to continuously assess their print quality and improve. The minimum resolution allowed for CTP was lowered to lines per 1264-3.

These combinations produce shades that appeare isso to the eye. For human color perception in newspaper printing, the paper shade and the darkest black 4c black are taken as the reference points. Therefore it was possible to gain a wealth of practical experience with the application of the standard in the newspaper sector since the mids.

Newsshade investigated the average colour or shade of standard newsprint from all over the world. Delta E is a superior formula for calculating color difference. WAN-IFRA has always recommended news publishers to test their newsprint regularly for their basic, optical, mechanical and lso parameters.

ISO , quality standard for newspaper production – WAN-IFRA

Views Read View source View history. This article summarises the revisions in ISO that came into effect in December The izo and values are chosen in view of the complete process covering the process stages colour separation, film setting, making of the printing form, proof production, production printing and surface finishing.


Newspaper printers embraced the uniform international standard quickly as a matter of course since they were used to standardised and straight forward production. The adaptation is not absolutely necessary. The changes are not significant as they are intended only to smoothen the dot gain curve and the changes are in decimal points. Retrieved from ” isl Recommendations are provided with regard to appropriate test methods associated with these requirements.

ColorWiki – ISO

In the latest revision, two additional paper parameters were included — Basis Weight and Gloss. Quality standard for newspaper production. This experience was taken into account in when the question arose as to whether, and if so how, the newspaper printing standard should be revised.

iso 12647-3

Revision of ISO ISO is the worldwide standard that defines the print quality in coldset offset newspaper production. Summary Print standardisation based on agreed international norms like ISO has been a great success for newspaper printing worldwide. Home Imprint Privacy Policy Login. Standardisation became a great tool to create consistency across different print plants.

iso 12647-3

ISO is a family of standards relating to the printing processes.