As sad a trend as it is, many bands that stay around as long as Sweden’s Evergrey tend to slip as time goes on, falling at some point along the way. The only original member left is vocalist and guitarist Tom Englund. When the ashes fall from Heaven, they fall as my compassion. Of course, the stellar vocals from Tom Englund are at the forefront. You have to love that melody in the chorus; “Release from darkness, release me from all that chains me here, I’m drowned in your silence, I hate to ask but I wouldn’t if I didn’t mean it, I’m much stronger on my own, but so much weaker, I need you to help me. Out Of Reach 3:

evergrey glorious collision

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Wrong has wonderful verses sung with passion and powerful organ passages, with a crunching chorus with a strong melody. These are simplistic, rather slow pieces built with whiny guitar and a heavy reliance on choruses. The harmonies as good as you may hear on an Ayreon album. Everygrey is a progressive doomy metal band from musical paradise… eehhem I mean Gothenburg, Sweden. The bass pounds like a heartbeat and it builds to a clean guitar and beautiful ambience.

They work for the over all vibe of the album and never seem to slow the album down, and this is a long album, clocking in at an hour. Each song is built around a chorus that- more often than not- is the highlight of the song. gorious

evergrey glorious collision

You’d think the band would either get better or worse with this release. It never seems forced or contrived.


evergrey glorious collision

Fret not, the good ship Evergrey has been retooled and ready for smooth sailing! There is always at least one solo in every song, sometimes two or even three.

Of course, the stellar vocals from Tom Englund are at the forefront. Normally, this would be cause for concern, but let me spoil the surprise for you. I, like some people, prefer the fast, pounding blast beat metal songs and get tired of slower songs.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. To conclude, this isn’t the most worthless, phoned-in album I’ve heard this year, but even if you like this watered down style of music, you could do much better. Surely prolific due to Tom Englund’s longtime experience.


The sound of the crunchy guitar riffs and Englund’s excellent vocals are especially excellent. Leave It Behind cranked into my cranium and I couldn’t get it out of my head, it just haunts you after it is over.

The music is deeply rooted evrgrey the arena rock that lay slave to evergreyy set of white, middle-class ears during the s. Evergrey has had quite a few ups and downs in their 15 year history. Release me from all that chains me here. Usually albums this accessible are major issues for me, but there’s enough excellent material here to warrant many more replays.

EVERGREY LYRICS – “Glorious Collision” () album

Overall the track is a raucous thrasher with some moments of slow chord changes and everpresent are those powerful vocals. If you’re desperate to find highlights, I suppose opener “Leave It Behind Us” is a pretty decent arena anthem, and the semi-balladic “The Phantom Letters” creates a pretty good atmosphere. No, this has more in common with the slower, understated genre, i. As sad a trend as it is, many bands that stay around as long as Sweden’s Evergrey tend to slip as time goes on, falling at some point along the way.


Every song here is of excellent quality, filled with memorable melodies and irresistible riffs.

evergrey glorious collision

Well Evergrey are back Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 17 items. Although gloriouz is distinctly Evergrey for a variety of reasons, this is an extremely clean, polished, and accessible version of them. When it builds to the metal section the atmosphere lifts; “you’re keeping your distance, you’re pushing me away, you never let me say the words I want to say, our circumstances change, because you never let me say the words I want”.

This can’t collisiin with some of their earlier masterworks, but it’s a very competent album that will surely appeal to fans of progressive power metal on the more accessible side. Many albums start to wear out gloious forty-five or fifty minutes, but this one doesn’t. But let’s face it, Tom is the heart of this band.