Tesla registrations in Norway — December Forumnye game “Guess the car on the picture” Fun Tanktastic!! Add topic to Favorites Enable Smilies signature. Are there any doubts? Has added in a cap.

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And what about vacation with a caravan for example. Diesel is down by 6 million litres. Much cheaper then a new van at least. Not to mention extra parts like dual mass flywheels, EGR valves, turbo etc like the other model did not have. Please clear your browser cache. Not much yet but coming soon if the high share of plugins is maintained. So people keep driving their families in old, dangerous cars.

comcraft 0.5 full

People have also replaced a lot of fireplaces with cleaner burning with financial help from the City Government, which the local politicians comcract to call themselves. Complete Forumnye game “Guess the car on the picture” Fun Tanktastic!!

Are there any doubts? SalesTesla 05 I downloaded a hacked version from the site and it all went to me. New diesel and plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway — December If you could document the need for a passenger van, they should be cheaper. Plus I participated in the translation of the game.


It’s a Celebration!

Young people, and people less rich would benefit from this. Already on all is not scattered. Low running cost, low maintenance cost. Plug-in electric car sales in Norway went comcrsft the roof in December! Tesla is also the seventh most popular ocmcraft overal for the year with 8, sales, ahead of Audi, Ford and Nissan. Late next year when stay start coming will be interesting. In comcraft is not 60 blocks and about 20 what to do?

comcraft 0.5 full

Do not be evil In hindsite, I should have put in the effort to fix it again. Many of those have received the Tesla in December.

When you first open the world after creation, the game will crash with an error NullPointerEcseption! Oh, do not lie! The next time, we may buy two cheap EVs and drive with two cars every time we need to transport the whole family. Always worth mentioning is that this is before the affordable mile BEVs and before Toyota plugins having a number of top selling models in Norway.


Not that the government cares about that, so they have insane taxes on an ICE car where there is no electric option.

Tesla Model X was the best selling model in December with 1, units, which enabled it to take fourth place overall for the year. Today is the 14th of April.

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TheEmployDay, You need to buy it and then all your 60 blocks. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Report DEC 5 But there is no cheap EV that has an OK range that can pull a trailer.